Himalaya Green Waters Prayer Papers Map of Japan Nara Buddha Temple Altars at Ggantija Grand basin and ggan Temple Muse Fall Equinox AW-Temple Dancer_2 AW-Temple Dancers Circle Dance. HongKong-TripleHarbor Varanasi - The Sweeper Doing Almost Nothing Harald'sVision Melide Spanish Cafe :: 2001,  Digital Inkjet Print (18 x 27 in.) Statue of Liberty Danuta in Malta Danuta Looking Two Birds Palais Royal Hong Kong_Bird Cages. Hong Kong_Wu-Shu Parting of the Plates, 2009 :: Digital Inkjet Print

During a residency on Kyushu, the southernmost island of Japan, Ratcliff began her “Japan” series of work. She interpreted the new realities around her by rebuilding photographic images through cropping, collage, repetition, and transfer.

In 2002, Ratcliff traveled to Malta in the Mediterranean, making a pilgrimage to the 5,000 year old goddess temples. The enduring remains of ancient, matriarchal culture inspired Ratcliff to assemble these images based in women’s spirituality. The resulting body of work consists of digitally printed photographs combined with the handwork of image transfer, drawing, and collage.

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