Bay Fugue, 2020-21

acrylic on Dura-Lar, steel, monofilament
84 x 144 x 84 in.

Technicolor Trees, 2019

acrylic on plexiglass, monofilament
48 x 46 x 28 in.

Exoplanets, 2019

acrylic, colored pencil, Japanese ink brush pen and digital inkjet print on milky acetate, steel, monofilament
64 x 60 x 58 in.

This 5-minute video to help relieve stress and restore inner balance features a guided relaxation meditation led by James Baraz, author of "Awakening Joy," soothing music and nature sounds composed by Jason Reinier, and visuals of Ratcliff's kinetic sculptures, which are also inspired by nature. May it be a healing force for you. Good for first responders who only have a short time to re-center in high stress situations—and for anyone else sheltering in place who needs a little balm for their soul. Here's to resilience in troubled times!

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